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How your competition will be run:

Court Map

Easts  Court  Map


Borrowing Players

Teams who are short of players can borrow from within their own clubs as follows:

  • Teams from their own age, but a LOWER division
  • Teams from a YOUNGER age, regardless of division

  • There are no restrictions on the number of games a player can play  (ie they can play as many as they like)
  • The team must have 5 of their own registered players on court at any given time

Team Managers Briefing Call | Season Info

HI everyone. Here is the call recording for the Team Managers. There was a little bit of 'Mute Training' - and we recommend you start listening from 5:20 into the recording.

Thank you to everyone who attended the call live, and especially those who asked questions.


Game Times - 2018/19 Season

Please Note fixtures will be finalised before the start of the season, below is only a guide to game times

Under 8's
This age group will play their games at 8am

Divisions 1 & 2 will play their games  at 9am or 10am

Division 1 & 2 will play their games  at 10am or 11am

Division 1 & 2 will play their games at 11am or 12pm

12's to 14's
These age group will play at 12pm or 1pm 

15's to 17's
These age group will play at 2pm 


Season Dates for Juniors

Game 1 - October 20

Game 2 - October 27

Game 3 - November 3

Game 4 - November 10

Game 5 - November 17

Game 6 - November 24

Game 7 - February 2

Game 8.- February 9

Game 9 - February 16

Game 10 - February 23


Available Divisions in 2018

Teams can enter themselves into the following Age Group and Divisions:

  • Under 8 Years (players born in 2009 and 2010 and 6 year olds if appropriate)
  • 9 Years (players born in 2008)
  • 10 Years (players born in 2007)
  • 11 Years (players born in 2006)
  • 12 & 13 Years (players born in 2005)
  • 14 & 15 Years (players born in 2004 and 2003)
  • Under 17 Years (players born in  2002, 2001 and 2000)


Who Can Register?

ESNA only accepts registrations from Full Teams.

If you are an individual player, you can currently approach the following clubs / schools to join their program:

Bondi Phoenix Netball Club:
Train on Wednesday afternoons at Waverley Park

Love Netball 
Train on Tuesday afternoons at Waverley Park

Vaucluse Public School
Train on Tuesday afternoons at Waverley Park
Contact: Jacquee 

More clubs and schools will be confirmed over the coming months.

If you are a club or school, and you would like to let our interested players know that you are accepting player registration - please email to be listed here.


Team Fees in 2018

Team fees are $850 per team.

There is a 3% payment processing fee added to the total.


Umpiring in 2018

  • Each team in the competition is required to supply a suitably qualified umpire for each fixture.  
  • Each umpire needs to supply their own whistle and be wearing ALL BLACK attire.
  • ESNA committee members will be available to support umpires.

If you would like to draw on the ESNA pool of umpires for the season, you can purchase this service during the registration process for an additional $300 for the season ($30 per game).  There are a limited number of umpires available at each time slot / age division, so please don't delay if you intend using this service.  


Coaches & Managers

Each team in the competition is required to have a Team Manager.

Whist highly recommended, it is not required that teams have a coach.  

Playing Uniforms

Each team must wear a uniform (i.e. players on court must all be wearing the same thing).  
If your team is part of a club, you are free to wear that club's uniform.
Each team must supply their own ball & bibs for each game.


Court Locations

All games will be played at the:

Waverly Park Netball Courts
Cnr Birrell Street and St Mary’s Avenue
Bondi  NSW  2026

Parking is challenging on game days.  There is unlimited parking on Sundays on all streets around the venue – but please allow time to find and make your way to the courts from where you park.


Extreme Weather Policy

The following policy will be adhered to in order to ensure the safety of our players.

Wet Weather:

  • Games will be played in the rain, except where there is Thunder & Lightening, or a torrential downpour.
  • Games that are partially played and cancelled in the FIRST HALF of the game will be replayed the following week as a split round
  • Games that are partially played and cancelled AFTER THE HALF TIME BREAK will not be replayed - and the score at the time of cancellation will stand.

Extreme Heat: 

We will be following the guidelines of Sports Medicine Australia: available here

  • Games will be cancelled if the temperature reaches 35 degrees or more with relative humidity of 30% or more.
  • We will determine the temperature and humidity via the OzWeather App, for the Sydney Observatory Hill reading.
  • Games that are partially played and cancelled in the FIRST HALF of the game will be replayed the following week as a split round
  • Games that are partially played and cancelled AFTER THE HALF TIME BREAK will not be replayed - and the score at the time of cancellation will stand.

Advice of Cancellation

We will post a notification to the ESNA Facebook Page if and immediately when games are cancelled.  PLEASE DO NOT RING US as we will likely be using our phone to update the message on the website - and can't do that if we are answering calls.

Platinum SponsorGold SponsorSilver SponsorTestimonials
Briget, Coach of the Bondi Beaach Pearls

"Playing the summer comp was a great idea, especially for us as beginners, our learning curve was definitely a lot quicker as a result of the comp and the girls got a great deal of enjoyment out of playing in a match situation."

Bridget, coach Bondi Beach Pearls.

Alison - Manager of Coogee Dolpins Under 12's

Our Dolphins team had a great summer season in the Easts Netball competition.

While they had been playing together for a few years, it seemed that they were in a cycle of just getting the team together by the end of the winter comp, then it would finish and they would start it all again at the start of the next season. They would be rusty and it took them till the end of that season to get their act together again.

We joined the Summer Easts Netball comp, because even though they lost most games, our girls loved playing together and they jumped at the chance to see each other all summer.

It was great, the competition is friendly, the venue is delightful. The team played all summer and they just got better and better, becoming a real team, so at the start of winter comp, they were on fire!

They are enjoying the game so much more and we will be back in the Easts Netball comp again this summer. The Summer season is so valuable to team improvement, but it’s also great fun, so a win for everyone.